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The village of Mayaro

Mayaro is one of the most remote places in Trinidad, located in the Eastern part of island. It is usually popular during the Carnival, August holidays and Easter weekend with the locals. The name 'Mayaro' originated from the Arawakan main staple 'maya', which was a plant in abundance in the area. The end of the word 'ro' is the Arawak term meaning, "the place of", hence "the place of maya" or "Mayaro".  This truly reflects the lush green surroundings.


The Ambience


The beach is about nine miles stretching along Trinidad's East Coast, making it one of the longest beach on the island, which runs parallel to Guayaguayare Mayaro Road. The beach can be rough, but lifeguards are almost always present during the day. The breezy coastline is lined up with coconut trees. 

Mayaro is very laid back community and very serene at night, not only with the offshore oil rigs glowing against the sea, but the beautiful sunset on the horizon.


The Facilities 


A number of restaurants exists from fast food outlets (KFC, Subway) to Chinese, BBQ and Local Cuisine. Bars flood Mayaro and it's nearby villages, from Sangre Chiquito to Manzanilla. Local vendors always have a consistent supply of fruits and vegetables- The Market is less than 5 minutes away, as to are the Supermarkets.
The Taxi Facilities, the Bank, Health Centre, District Hospital and Police Station are conveniently located within the same vicinity.





  • Crab Hunting Season- Usually two (2) days before and/or after Full Moon.
  • Turtle Watching Season- Can vary from June, July to August. Guides are active during this time, sometimes turtles surface to lay their eggs on the beach directly in front of the pathway to the beach house.
  • Carnival Season- February Month, dates depend on the day that will be Ash Wednesday.


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